Brewery and Tunnel Tours

Back in the swampy days before refrigeration, beer had to be kept cool in underground cellar tunnels (unless you’re British and enjoy lukewarm beverages). And wouldn’t you know it, we have some perfectly preserved tunnels just waiting to be explored. But since we assume the idea of getting lost and wandering them forevermore isn’t exactly appealing, we’d love to give you a guided tour.

Bring yourself and your friends (preferably at least 10 since we have a minimum of $100 per tour) and we’ll show you all around some beer tunnels that are absolutely not haunted.

Don’t have a group of 10 handy? We won’t judge, though there is a $100 minimum charge for groups less than 10. Have a large group? We can take tour groups up to a maximum of 20 people through at once and we just charge $10 per person as you add them to your tour.

All tour proceeds benefit the Quincy Brewery Arts (QuBA), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, that seeks to support the preservation of the buildings and the history of the Dick Brothers Brewery Complex in Quincy, IL.

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